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Vibrator characteristics


There are many materials for manufacturing pneumatic vibrators, such as carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy, bronze, stainless steel and extruded aluminum. For applications in special environments, such as pharmaceutical industry, the shell can be made of aluminium and stainless steel. Its vibration frequency and vibration force can be accurately controlled (stepless adjustment) by adjusting the flow rate and pressure of compressed air. Its main advantages and uses are as follows:
1. Compressed air is only needed as power source. It consumes less air, is safe and energy-saving. It is an ideal device for use in frozen or high temperature environments. It is suitable for humid, dry, dusty or explosive environments.
2. Small size, less malfunction, easy installation and maintenance.
3. Quick stop or start, suitable for manual or automatic systems.
4. Vibration force, frequency and amplitude can be adjusted at will in motion.
5. It is widely used in fatigue test of parts or structures; jitter and compaction of hoppers; linear and bowl feeders, sieves and filters; shaking table and mixing equipment.
6. The service life of most types of pneumatic vibrators is relatively low.
Such as filling machine, coating machine, leakage meter, feeder, conveyor belt, dehydration separation, particle suspension, etc. It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, pesticide, feed, ceramics, glass, cement, fuel and other powder processing industries, and has a variety of models to suit.